How do I suggest a guest for Dragon*Con?

Track directors do not choose guests; there is a Guest Committee that makes those decisions. To recommend a potential guest, mail a postcard to:

PO Box 16459
Atlanta, GA 30321-0459

Mailing postcards shows a level of dedication that e-mails do not.

How do I suggest a band for Dragon*Con?

Track directors don’t pick the bands or performers, either. One thing to keep in mind, per the Dragon*Con website, “as a rule, bands do not receive a fee/guarantee to perform at Dragon*Con.” Additional information regarding band/performers can be found here. The band application is located here.

Where is the Horror & Dark Fantasy track located?

We are usually based out of the Embassy A-B rooms at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. This is, of course, subject to change. Additionally, we utilize larger rooms throughout the Dragon*Con host hotels for bigger events.

Why the name change?

Simply put, I got tired of explaining what I meant by “Dark Fantasy.” There are several different subgenres that are described as “dark fantasy,” and it became necessary to pick one. The first definition I had seen for “dark fantasy” was for horror-based and influenced works, and since I’m a big horror fan, that’s what I chose. “Horror” lets people know our primary focus, while “Dark Fantasy” is flexible enough to cover related topics.

Will you still have urban fantasy panels?

While the track will lean towards horror overall, we will still have some urban fantasy panels. I have friends who write urban fantasy, and I look forward to working with them. Please be aware that we are only interested in urban fantasy that has legitimate crossover appeal for horror fans.

Is this a “goth” track?

I don’t consider it as such. While I certainly hope that goths enjoy our programming, the track is not designed for any one subculture. Depending on my resources, I’ll consider panels on other musical styles that utilize horror imagery.

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